Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Traktor Beats Lada 2-1

Traktor Chelyabinsk beat HC Lada Togliatti 2-1 at 5 AM today (5 PM Russian time). The first goal was scored by Anton Glinkin in the first period (ASST: Michael Garnett, Maxim Kondratyev), putting Traktor up 1-0.

The second goal was scored set up by Stanislav Chistov and Francis Pare and scored by Artem Borodkin, and Traktor has the 2-0 lead. Lada tried to come back in the final minutes of the third period, with Martin Zadevich scoring in the final minutes, but their comeback was too late, and Traktor wins the game 2-1.
Go Traktor!

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