Friday, April 22, 2016

Pavel Datsyuk Just Played His Last Game Yesterday

Yesterday, in the Red Wings' stunning loss to the Lightning, the hockey world suffered an irreplaceable loss. Pavel Datsyuk, arguably the greatest player in the game has retired from the NHL.

Datsyuk had not been as good as in previous years since he wore his ankles down to the tendons and had to have braces put in. Of course, damage to his ankles is to be expected when he gave all he had to the game.

His work ethic was incredible, and he was my favourite player. He gave everything he had and won two Stanley Cups as a result for his hard work. Thank you Pavel Datsyuk, class player, you will be missed. You are truly a legend.

“We knew in rookie camp that he was going to be a player, but we didn’t know he’d play as well as he has. He’s a great stick handler.”
—Hall of Famer Scotty Bowman

"He has more moves and vision still in the bag that we haven’t seen yet.”
—ESPN analyst Darren Pang

"He’s so gifted, so smart, he’s got a great temperament for the game, too.”
—Former All-Star Brett Hull

“I still say he’s the smartest player I’ve ever played with. Pavel sees the game as well as any of the elite players in this league.”

"Everything he does is exciting to watch.”
—Former Red Wings coach Dave Lewis

“Some of the things he’s done are truly amazing. Those are not normal skills. Those are way, way up there in the stratosphere, and you shake your just head after he does it. And he does it on a consistent basis. He’s a special player.”
—Panthers GM Rick Dudly

“Datsyuk’s moves still dazzle teammates, even those who play on his line.  Pretty much every day he is doing something you don’t think you can do out there.”
—Teammate Tomas Holmstrom

“I don’t know if there is a player stronger on his skates than Pavel.”
—Teammate Nicklas Lidstrom

Goodbye, Mr. Datsyuk, and good luck in all your future endeavors. You have left an imprint on the hockey community, and your loss is irreplaceable.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Recap: Day 2 of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Joe Pavelski scores the game-winning goal (Harry How/Getty Images)

And today's (well, actually, yesterday's) winners are........

drumroll, please........

The Capitals shut out the Flyers 2-1 amid a brilliant performance by immortal beast Braden Holtby.

My prediction isn't so far off thought this is only Game 1... the score was 5-4.

A 4-0 shutout!!

4-3 capped by a goal by none other than Mr. Joe Pavelski.

I am right in all but 2 series so far. Can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day 1 of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs: A Recap

Ben Bishop, Braydon Coburn and Victor Hedman (Scott Audette/NHLI via Getty Images)

Let's get right to it so I don't leave you hanging in suspense...

The winners of Game 1 of Round 1 are...

the St. Louis Blues!!! 

the Tampa Bay Lightning!!!


The Pittsburgh Penguins!!!

Can I change my predictions on at least one of the series? 

No, alright, I'll have to live with that the Blues beat the Blackhawks. I'm no glad I didn't pick Blackhawks in four. 

For the Detroit-Tampa series: HOW MANY PENALTIES CAN YOU GET IN ONE GAME?!?!

For the Pittsburgh-NYR series: Funny how things go in the playoffs. We were worried about the Penguins goaltending, but guess who had the edge in net this game? Yup, Penguins.

For the Chicago-St.Louis series: All I have to say is this. It's not a Blackhawks Game 1 without OT. Just saying. Its been that way for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and now 2016.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

First- Round Playoff Predictions!

Here are my first-round playoff predictions. When it is over, I will see if I was right. Let me know yours in the comment box and you may be featured in this post when I update it!
My sister Asmaa also participated in this... check out her blog at


Me: Capitals in 7
...Because the Capitals are stronger at goaltending, and the Flyers went out of the season with a bang, so it will be hard to maintain their torrid pace in the playoffs. 
Asmaa: Capitals in 6
My teddy bear, Carey: Capitals in 5
..."Because Braden Holtby is my favourite goalie."
Bezubby: Capitals in 6

Me: Lightning in 6
...Because in spite of their key injuries (oh. Stammer), they are solid at goaltending and last year's Cup Final run taught them how to play in the playoffs.
Asmaa: Lightning in 7
My teddy bear, Carey: Lightning in 7
..."Because the Red Wings barely made it into the playoffs and because the Lightning are more experienced with better coaching."
Bezubby: Lightning in 5

Me: Islanders in 7
...I know everyone thinks the Panthers will win, but the Islanders have stronger underlying numbers. as well as more experience.
Asmaa: Panthers in 6
My teddy bear, Carey: Panthers in 6
..."Jaromir Jagr and Roberto Luongo give the Panthers the edge."
Bezubby: Islanders in 7

Me: Penguins in 5
...The Rangers are nothing without Lundqvist, and the Penguins offence is going to be too much for him because the Rangers defence is thin.
Asmaa: Penguins in 5
My teddy bear, Carey: Penguins in 6
..."They will be led in scoring by none other than Phil Kessel."
Bezubby: Penguins in 7

Me: Stars in 7
...Their offence is amazing and led by Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin, this team is tough to beat.
Asmaa: Stars in 6
My teddy bear, Carey: Wild in 7
..."This isn't a popular opinion, but the Wild really turned around their season under new coach."
Bezubby: Stars in 6

Me: Blackhawks in 7
...I know everyone says the Blues will win, but the Blackhawks are more experienced.
Asmaa: Blackhawks in 6
My teddy bear, Carey: Blues in 6
..."Even though the Blackhawks have gone deep every year since the decade began, they haven't been looking so good this season. And besides, I like picking the dark horse"
Bezubby: Blackhawks in 7

Me: Ducks in 5
...Its the Ducks and they've been on fire the latter half of this season.
Asmaa: Ducks in 6
My teddy bear, Carey: Ducks in 7
..."It's the Ducks, for goodness' sakes!."
Bezubby: Ducks in 7

Me: Kings in 6
...Remember last time these two teams faced off in the playoffs?
Asmaa: Kings in 7
My teddy bear, Carey: Sharks in 7
..."Like I said, I like picking the dark horse, but this may not be so far off..."
Bezubby: Kings in 6

A big thank you to Asmaa and Carey. All you guys have to do is comment and you'll be featured in this post! Thanks! And I'm still upset that no Canadian team is in the playoffs.

UPDATE: Bezubby commented and decided to participate -- be sure to check out his blog Thanks Bezubby!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Will the Capitals Get Past the First Round?

The Capitals could not do it when Braden Holtby needed to break the goalie wins/season record. They failed him and played terribly. In addition, they have lost 3 games in a row, and 5 of the last 7 games. A complete collapse right before the end of the playoffs, which is a bad thing.

As of now, the Caps have only a 47% chance of making it out of the first round, and the Penguins are now the favourites to win the Cup. The Caps might face them in the second round.

I know this is a short post, and I hate being the pessimist here, but I am honestly worried about the Caps' ability to make it out of the first round. What a terrible end to a .... wonderful (?) first half of the season. Well, maybe not so wonderful because it put our hopes up, only to get them down.