Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Top 5 Moments of the World Cup of Hockey

Check out my new YouTube video about the top 5 moments of the World Cup of Hockey. I hope you enjoy it!

Yes, all the goals are from Team Canada (WCH Champions!!!) and Team NA because these are the games I watched and the goals i thought were the best,

Just a quick note - numbers 1 and 2 are not based on skill. I made them the top 2 because they were the most exciting. Team Europe was leading Canada 1-0 until the last 2 minutes of the game, when Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand scored two quick goals to tie it and win the game in regulation. If you missed that game, you missed one of the most exciting hockey games you will ever see.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Eulogy of Team North America

Image result for team north america game

When I found out that the NHL had decided to include Team Europe and Team North America in the World Cup of Hockey, I thought, this is a marketing ploy. Add on to the fact that I, like most NHL fans, was already annoyed that there were ads on the shoulders of the jersey. However, I soon changed my mind.

Team North America was supposed to be a team of under-23 talent from the United States and Canada, including so-called "generational players" such as Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews. It didn't make sense to most people, because why would such a team field talent that could be used to give Team Canada and Team USA a large boost?

However, Team North America won the hearts of the crowd, and soon, I was one of their biggest supporters. I watched them beat Sweden in overtime on a SICK Nate Mackinnon goal, and that was it. I, along with Morgan Reilly (comment if you get the reference), thought that they were going to the semifinals. 

Look at those hands!

Except there was one problem. Team Russia was also battling for the final spot in the semis, and they had to have a loss to Team Finland the next day in order for Team North America to make the semifinal. That day, there were lots of Finland fans all across the continent, hoping that North America would win it. But what would've been a Cinderella story came to an abrupt end when Finland lost to Russia, allowing them to take the final spot.

Team North America was no more. They were a team that used dedication and determination, combined with skill, to get where they were. But they didn't go all the way. Next World Cup of Hockey, whenever that is, the same group of amazing young players will never get together again. And that is what saddens me the most. Team North America, you have come so far. 

Team Canada is In the World Cup of Hockey Final!!!

Image result for team canada vs russia world cup of hockey

Canada has been dominating the World Cup of Hockey, right from the start until the end.

First, they went undefeated in the preliminary games, beating the Czech Republic, USA, and Europe. The USA game was the most anticipated of the tournament, and Canada ended up beating a team specifically designed to beat them 4-2 and knocking them out of the tourney.

Next, they faced Russia in the semifinal, beating them 5-3. Many players were outstanding during the game, and Brad Marchand had two goals.

The final series started yesterday, and Marchand continued his excellence, scoring once and being dominant on the powerplay. The final is a three-game series between Team Europe and Team Canada, and Canada took the first game 3-1. The next game is on Thursday, and if Canada wins, then they are crowned champions. If Canada loses, there will be a game next Saturday, and the winner will win the championship. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Logan Couture Says Crosby is a Cheater -- and Most People Agree

The Sharks lost Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final to the Pittsburgh Penguins right after Sidney Crosby won a faceoff, passed the puck to Kris Letang, who passed to Conor Sheary, who put it past Martin Jones. Basically, Crosby won the faceoff that led to the goal. But Couture said otherwise. 

"He cheats. He gets away with that. He's Sidney Crosby," Couture said. When asked how Crosby cheats, Couture's response was: "He times them and yet they don't kick him out for some reason; probably because of who he is." 

Crosby won an absurd 71 percent of faceoffs in Game 2, which is nearly impossible to pull off, and 56 percent in Game 1. 

Here is the NHL rulebook's take on faceoffs:

Rule 54 - Face-Offs

(a) Conduct of any face-off commences when the Official designates the place of the face-off and he takes up his position to drop the puck. As soon as the line change procedure has been completed by the Referee and he lowers his hand to indicate no further changes, the Linesman conducting the face-off shall blow his whistle. This will signal to both Teams that they have no more than five (5) seconds to line up for the ensuing face-off. At the end of the five (5) seconds (or sooner if both centers are ready), the Linesman will conduct a proper face-off. If, however:

One or both centers are not positioned for the face-off,
One or both centers refrain from placing their stick on the ice,
Any player has encroached into the face-off circle,
Any player makes physical contact with an opponent, or
Any player is in an off-side position, the Linesman shall have the offending center(s) replaced immediately prior to dropping the puck.
If a center is not at the designated face-off area once the five (5) second time limit has elapsed, the Linesman will drop the puck immediately.
So, basically, Couture is calling for the referees to watch Crosby more closely in the faceoff dot, and I think they should, as lots of people think he gets away with too much.

World Cup of Hockey Power Rankings (6-8)

This is the second part of my World Cup of Hockey power rankings. 

6. Team USA
This team, other than Patrick Kane, is a ho-hum team, but they can have flashes of brilliance. Never underestimate the red, white, and blue.

7. Team Europe
Though not as dangerous as the young North Americans, Team Europe is still looking pretty scary. 

8. Czech Republic
Jaromir Jagr insists on not playing. That is all I have to say. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

World Cup of Hockey: My Power Rankings (Top 5)

1. Canada
Just because PK Subban was left off of this team does not mean it is not a dangerous team. They have home ice advantage, some of the greatest players in the world, and there are no obvious holes in Team Canada. Also, in the past few tournaments, they have dominated. 

2. Finland
Finland has been slowly but surely rising on the international hockey spectrum. Ever since Sochi 2014, they have been rising in rank. Not to mention that gold medal in World Juniors this year.

3. Sweden
Sweden has had a trend lately: win or bust. They either come off so high and win gold or silver, or they end up losing very early. Other countries have slowly caught up with Sweden and if there is any time to win gold, it is now. 

4. Team North America
All the rising youngsters that have been unnamed to a specific country team have been named to Team North America. Consisting of the likes of Brandon Saad and Connor McDavid, this team, although young, is looking dangerous. 

5. Russia
Just as with Sweden, Russia has also had the trend of medal or bust. They either finish so low in the standings or make it to the gold or bronze medal game. There is much speculation about Russia, especially since it is difficult to tell what team managers are thinking when they pick Slava Voynov.

To be continued.... Numbers 6 to 8 coming soon!

Let me know what you think in the comments, and whether or not you agree with my power rankings! Adieu and go Canada!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Sharks or Pens?

My prediction: Sharks in 5. Joel Ward scores the series-winning goal.

Go Sharks beat the Pens.

Comment below to let me know what team you are rooting for. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Live Blog: Penguins vs. Lightning, Game 7, ECF 2016

Stamkos is in!!!!!!!! This will be epic, especially if he comes back and wins the game for them!!!! The #1 man!!!

Period 1:

So far, scoreless. But I did see a few missed calls that should've been called for the Bolts.

From the eye test it looks as is the Pens have the upper hand but don't worry, we will prevail. Let's go Lightning!!!!!

Yeah right. The shots are eerily almost equal. They are evenly matched right now

Period 2:

OK, this is bad.

1-0 Penguins, Bryan Rust scored.

1-1 because Drouin scored but this time it wasn't disallowed... but I am NERVOUS!

2-1 Penguins... Rust scored AGAIN!!!!

This is looking very very very very bad!!! Because the shots are 19-8 in favour of.. you guessed it!... the Penguins. Lightning need to pick up the pace if they want to win this!

Aaaaand the Penguins have yet another powerplay. Let the penalty kill raaage oooonnn... the Penguins never bothered me anyway!
The Lightning flurries through the air into the ground...Game 7 is spiraling in frozen fractals all around....and one shot crystallizes like an icy blast...they'll never score...the Cup Final is in the paasssst... LET IT GOOOO LET IT GOOOO...
See how nervous this game is making me?
Things are looking bad. Really bad.

Shots are now 22-8 in favour of the Penguins. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS TEAM?




Period 3:

The Penguins are totally dominating. The Lightning have no chance now.


It's over. 2-1 Penguins is the final.

Reminder: Live Blog Tonight

Get ready for the wild ride tonight - Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Final, Lightning vs. Penguins, at 8 PM EST. A live blog will be hosted here, with questions in the comments answered.

Let's go Lightning!!!

Joel Ward is in the Stanley Cup Final!!!!

The San Jose Sharks, after 25 years of waiting, finally made it to their first Stanley Cup Final, and Joel Ward scored two goals in Game 6 against the St. Louis Blues. 

Last summer, when Ward signed with the Sharks as a free agent he had said he was looking for the chance to win the Cup with the Sharks. I remember laughing and saying that the Sharks won't even make the playoffs but boy, was I wrong. 

Ward scored two goals in the game, and further cemented his status as a clutch playoff performer. Here's to many more goals that Ward will score in the Final, but go Lightning!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Live Blog: Lightning vs Penguins, Game 6, ECF 2016

Here I have decided to start something new, a live blog during the game of what I think of the game. Hope you enjoy! I am looking forward to the comments.

Period 1

Fehr has a shot but he didn't score. Serves him right.

Yes!!!! Lightning score!!!! Drouin!!!!!
Oh wait, it's an offside. Why was Mike Sullivan looking for an offside. Nil - Nil.

Penguins score. Of course, using their Penguin  cheating methods *angry face*.

Period 2

2-0 Cheaters. Ugh!

3-0 Cheating Penguins and Crosby scored. NOOOOO!!!

If only that goal hadn't been disallowed.

Period 3

(True story: 3-2 Penguins)

BOYLE STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! 3-2 PENGUINS!!!!!!!!
(True story: Tie game)


4-2 Pens.

5-2 Pens.

If only that goal hadn't been disallowed!!!

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Curse of the Capitals

When Jeff Schultz left the Washington Capitals in 2013, the next season, with the Los Angeles kings, he won the Stanley Cup. One season after leaving the Capitals. 

Last year, four major players left the Capitals: Mike Green, Troy Brouwer, Joel Ward, and Eric Fehr. Of those four players, only one does not remain in the Cup hunt, and that is Green, as his Red Wings were ousted in the first round by the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

The Capitals ... it was supposed to be their year. But now, we get to sit back, while the BLUES, who are often compared to the Capitals, are in the Conference Final. And they usually get first round exits. AND IT IS NOT FAIR. Because Troy Brouwer is on the Blues, and he scored the series-winning goal in the first round. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO MAKE HIM REGRET LEAVING US. If I see him hoist the Cup those year, I will... I don't know... UGH.

I cannot reemphasize how much I get annoyed when I think about Fehrsie, my former favourite player. AHEM.. I mean FEHR. He is just... infuriating. He scored the game-winning goal for the Penguins in Game 2 and said it gave him more satisfaction that it was against the Caps. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE HIM IN THE FINAL.

Him!!! Wardo!!! My favourite player... at one point. That was in the past. When he left the Caps and got on the Sharks, he said that he is looking to win the Cup and he thinks he will get that chance with the Sharks. That was back when the Sharks were a non-playoff team. But now, for the first time in my memory, the Sharks are in the Conference Finals. I TOLD YOU IT WAS A CURSE.

Unfortunately, either Ward or Brouwer will have to play in the Cup Final. Very, very unfortunately. WE WANTED TO MAKE THEM REGRET LEAVING US. But, there's still hope. The Tampa Bay Lightning are just emerging. All they have to do is destroy Fehr's Penguins in the Conference Finals, then destroy whoever gets to the Cup Final, and I won't have to go through the pain of seeing the curse come true. LET'S GO LIGHTNING!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Outtakes on the Capitals Second-Round Loss

"I think this group feels until we win a Stanley Cup, it won't be a successful season," said Capitals coach Barry Trotz after his team's 6-game loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

“The wound obviously is very fresh and we’ve seen this far too often, so pardon me if I sound crushed,” added Joe Beninati, the play-by-play man for CSN Washington. “I am. I am crushed because I believed there were a couple of instances in the third period where the Capitals defied death — they did — and once you get into overtime, it’s anybody’s game. It’s a roll of the dice, but the longer the overtime goes between these teams, especially on a night when you lose Karl Alzner, the longer it goes it favors the team that’s faster. And the team that was faster from the outset in this game was Pittsburgh. They were taking away the boards magically in the first period. The Capitals couldn’t get out of their own zone. It seemed like time after time after time, somebody in black and gold was in their way. But, the way Washington rallied is a sign that this is a different team. Please do not say the word ‘collapse’ to me. Do not say the word ‘choke’ to me. This is not one of those. This is a very good Pittsburgh team that’s moving on to a conference final.”

"It's a failure," Justin Williams said, upset, "The only thing I've processed is that it sucks."

Nicklas Backstrom was adamant. "It's getting old... [on the fans] I love them. They are the best fans. ...I promise we're going to do it."

Matt Niskanen teared up during his interview. "This is the most hurt I've been in my career. … This sucks. I can't believe we're talking about this right now."

But the question remained. Did the Capitals really deserve to lose? They dominated in Games 3 and 4, and they only lost the entire series by one goal. Not only that, but their overtime losses were those that could have been avoided.

And in Game 6, the resilience shown by these Capitals, coming back from 3-0 to 3-3 in the third period is a positive sign.

There were many factors as to why the Capitals lost, and some of those were beyond their control.

But, first of all, just a few points for Penguins fans who are all happy:

Look how the Penguins are right at the top. The referees clearly let a lot of Penguin penalties go. I will discuss these penalties here:

1. Kris Letang's one-game suspension. Brooks Orpik had the same exact same hit as Letang did, and he got three games. When Letang did it, after the protesting of Capitals fans and some more, the NHL agreed to give him a one-game suspension. ORPIK RECEIVED THREE GAMES FOR THE SAME EXACT HIT. They weren't even trying to hide their bias towards the Penguins. 

2. Evgeni Malkin's no-game suspension. Malkin headshotted Daniel Winnik. Seriously.
3. Kris letang's headshot on TJ Oshie.

4. The Capitals disallowed goal and Evgeny Kuznetsov's penalty. Why? I get the disallowed goal part, but why the penalty? It wasn't intentional.

5. Crosby holding Backstrom's stick. He got no penalty.


So, in conclusion, Penguins fans who are happy, admit your team was handed the series win by the Penguins loving refs.


John Carlson!!!!!

Carlson is the first defenseman in franchise history to record twelve points in the first twelve games of the postseason. Well done!!!!

This guy, along with TJ Oshie, were the best in the series. If anyone deserved to go in a Conference Final, it was those too. Shoutout to Jay Beagle and TJ Oshie. 

TJ Oshie!!!!!

He scored all the Caps game-winning goals in the Penguins series. Also, his hat trick in the first game was epic. YAY TJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay Beagle!!!!

THAT SAVE THOUGH. Also, he's a unicorn in disguise. (Reference to Game 1). 


IT IS QUITE CLEAR THAT MIKE MILBURY, DOC EMRICK, AND PIERRE MCGUIRE LOVE THE PENS. IT IS ALSO QUITE CLEAR THAT THEY ARE PENS FANS. Whenever the Penguins did a cheap shot they praised the player and justified it, but when Orpik did it he was a "predator." Also, when Orpik was on the Penguins, he was apparently the best player ever but now he is bad. In the eyes of PENBC at least. Well, honestly, I'd rather listen to the Penguins radio. At least they are more objective. Also, PENBC kept saying how the Penguins deserve to win and how the Capitals are really bad. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE OBJECTIVE, PEOPLE.

Also, Injuries!
There was a number of injuries unknown to people that the Capitals players played through.

1. Alex Ovechkin - lower back injury

2. Karl Alzner - groin injury. He felt it "pop" during game 6. Also, a broken thumb, strained oblique, and pulled hip flexor.

3. Brooks Orpik - cracked femur, concussion, and neck injury

4. John Carlson - broken foot and ankle

5. Marcus Johansson - undisclosed, but he will miss Worlds because of it

The Question of the Day: Why did they lose so badly???

1. Brooks Orpik's poor decisions.

2. Bad defense.

3. Matt Murray.

4. Over-Reliance on the powerplay. 


What do you think happened? Did the Caps deserve to win the series? I say take it to 7 games at least. But, for now, go Lightning!!

P.S. I feel like I didn't get all the missed calls by the refs. please add the ones you saw in the comment boxes. See chart above for proof the league loves the Pens the best. "Golden team"

Friday, April 22, 2016

Pavel Datsyuk Just Played His Last Game Yesterday

Yesterday, in the Red Wings' stunning loss to the Lightning, the hockey world suffered an irreplaceable loss. Pavel Datsyuk, arguably the greatest player in the game has retired from the NHL.

Datsyuk had not been as good as in previous years since he wore his ankles down to the tendons and had to have braces put in. Of course, damage to his ankles is to be expected when he gave all he had to the game.

His work ethic was incredible, and he was my favourite player. He gave everything he had and won two Stanley Cups as a result for his hard work. Thank you Pavel Datsyuk, class player, you will be missed. You are truly a legend.

“We knew in rookie camp that he was going to be a player, but we didn’t know he’d play as well as he has. He’s a great stick handler.”
—Hall of Famer Scotty Bowman

"He has more moves and vision still in the bag that we haven’t seen yet.”
—ESPN analyst Darren Pang

"He’s so gifted, so smart, he’s got a great temperament for the game, too.”
—Former All-Star Brett Hull

“I still say he’s the smartest player I’ve ever played with. Pavel sees the game as well as any of the elite players in this league.”

"Everything he does is exciting to watch.”
—Former Red Wings coach Dave Lewis

“Some of the things he’s done are truly amazing. Those are not normal skills. Those are way, way up there in the stratosphere, and you shake your just head after he does it. And he does it on a consistent basis. He’s a special player.”
—Panthers GM Rick Dudly

“Datsyuk’s moves still dazzle teammates, even those who play on his line.  Pretty much every day he is doing something you don’t think you can do out there.”
—Teammate Tomas Holmstrom

“I don’t know if there is a player stronger on his skates than Pavel.”
—Teammate Nicklas Lidstrom

Goodbye, Mr. Datsyuk, and good luck in all your future endeavors. You have left an imprint on the hockey community, and your loss is irreplaceable.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Recap: Day 2 of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Joe Pavelski scores the game-winning goal (Harry How/Getty Images)

And today's (well, actually, yesterday's) winners are........

drumroll, please........

The Capitals shut out the Flyers 2-1 amid a brilliant performance by immortal beast Braden Holtby.

My prediction isn't so far off thought this is only Game 1... the score was 5-4.

A 4-0 shutout!!

4-3 capped by a goal by none other than Mr. Joe Pavelski.

I am right in all but 2 series so far. Can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day 1 of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs: A Recap

Ben Bishop, Braydon Coburn and Victor Hedman (Scott Audette/NHLI via Getty Images)

Let's get right to it so I don't leave you hanging in suspense...

The winners of Game 1 of Round 1 are...

the St. Louis Blues!!! 

the Tampa Bay Lightning!!!


The Pittsburgh Penguins!!!

Can I change my predictions on at least one of the series? 

No, alright, I'll have to live with that the Blues beat the Blackhawks. I'm no glad I didn't pick Blackhawks in four. 

For the Detroit-Tampa series: HOW MANY PENALTIES CAN YOU GET IN ONE GAME?!?!

For the Pittsburgh-NYR series: Funny how things go in the playoffs. We were worried about the Penguins goaltending, but guess who had the edge in net this game? Yup, Penguins.

For the Chicago-St.Louis series: All I have to say is this. It's not a Blackhawks Game 1 without OT. Just saying. Its been that way for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and now 2016.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

First- Round Playoff Predictions!

Here are my first-round playoff predictions. When it is over, I will see if I was right. Let me know yours in the comment box and you may be featured in this post when I update it!
My sister Asmaa also participated in this... check out her blog at washcaps83.blogspot.com


Me: Capitals in 7
...Because the Capitals are stronger at goaltending, and the Flyers went out of the season with a bang, so it will be hard to maintain their torrid pace in the playoffs. 
Asmaa: Capitals in 6
My teddy bear, Carey: Capitals in 5
..."Because Braden Holtby is my favourite goalie."
Bezubby: Capitals in 6

Me: Lightning in 6
...Because in spite of their key injuries (oh. Stammer), they are solid at goaltending and last year's Cup Final run taught them how to play in the playoffs.
Asmaa: Lightning in 7
My teddy bear, Carey: Lightning in 7
..."Because the Red Wings barely made it into the playoffs and because the Lightning are more experienced with better coaching."
Bezubby: Lightning in 5

Me: Islanders in 7
...I know everyone thinks the Panthers will win, but the Islanders have stronger underlying numbers. as well as more experience.
Asmaa: Panthers in 6
My teddy bear, Carey: Panthers in 6
..."Jaromir Jagr and Roberto Luongo give the Panthers the edge."
Bezubby: Islanders in 7

Me: Penguins in 5
...The Rangers are nothing without Lundqvist, and the Penguins offence is going to be too much for him because the Rangers defence is thin.
Asmaa: Penguins in 5
My teddy bear, Carey: Penguins in 6
..."They will be led in scoring by none other than Phil Kessel."
Bezubby: Penguins in 7

Me: Stars in 7
...Their offence is amazing and led by Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin, this team is tough to beat.
Asmaa: Stars in 6
My teddy bear, Carey: Wild in 7
..."This isn't a popular opinion, but the Wild really turned around their season under new coach."
Bezubby: Stars in 6

Me: Blackhawks in 7
...I know everyone says the Blues will win, but the Blackhawks are more experienced.
Asmaa: Blackhawks in 6
My teddy bear, Carey: Blues in 6
..."Even though the Blackhawks have gone deep every year since the decade began, they haven't been looking so good this season. And besides, I like picking the dark horse"
Bezubby: Blackhawks in 7

Me: Ducks in 5
...Its the Ducks and they've been on fire the latter half of this season.
Asmaa: Ducks in 6
My teddy bear, Carey: Ducks in 7
..."It's the Ducks, for goodness' sakes!."
Bezubby: Ducks in 7

Me: Kings in 6
...Remember last time these two teams faced off in the playoffs?
Asmaa: Kings in 7
My teddy bear, Carey: Sharks in 7
..."Like I said, I like picking the dark horse, but this may not be so far off..."
Bezubby: Kings in 6

A big thank you to Asmaa and Carey. All you guys have to do is comment and you'll be featured in this post! Thanks! And I'm still upset that no Canadian team is in the playoffs.

UPDATE: Bezubby commented and decided to participate -- be sure to check out his blog themusingsofaboyoutthere.blogspot.com. Thanks Bezubby!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Will the Capitals Get Past the First Round?

The Capitals could not do it when Braden Holtby needed to break the goalie wins/season record. They failed him and played terribly. In addition, they have lost 3 games in a row, and 5 of the last 7 games. A complete collapse right before the end of the playoffs, which is a bad thing.

As of now, the Caps have only a 47% chance of making it out of the first round, and the Penguins are now the favourites to win the Cup. The Caps might face them in the second round.

I know this is a short post, and I hate being the pessimist here, but I am honestly worried about the Caps' ability to make it out of the first round. What a terrible end to a .... wonderful (?) first half of the season. Well, maybe not so wonderful because it put our hopes up, only to get them down.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Team Canada Announces World Cup of Hockey Roster

Yesterday was the deadline for teams to announce the first sixteen players they have selected to play in the World Cup of Hockey, and the remainder of the players has to be selected by June 1. Luckily for the GM, he does not have to select younger, 18-23-year-old players, as there is Team North America for them. However, Canada is the team with the most roster depth in the world, so it is incredibly hard to choose who goes, and world-class players often get left out.

Below is the roster:


  • Carey Price, Montreal Canadiens
  • Corey Crawford, Chicago Blackhawks
  • Braden Holtby, Washington Capitals


  • Drew Doughty, LA Kings
  • Duncan Keith, Chicago Blackhawks
  • Marc-Edouard Vlasic, San Jose Sharks
  • Shea Weber, Nashville Predators


  • Jamie Benn, Dallas Stars
  • Patrice Bergeron, Boston Bruins
  • Jeff Carter, Los Angeles Kings
  • Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Ryan Getzlaf, Anaheim Ducks
  • Tyler Seguin, Dallas Stars
  • Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay Lightning
  • John Tavares, New York Islanders
  • Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks
As can be seen here, the most notable commissions are PK Subban and Corey Perry, but they can be added later. However, the biggest surprise comes when seen that since all three goaltenders have been picked, Roberto Luongo is not on the list. For the first time since 2002, Luongo has been left out of a best-on-best tournament with Team Canada. In my opinion, I think he should go ahead of Corey Crawford, because he is about the same level but with more experience. He was very accepting of this and said that the GM told him that he is next on the list for an injury replacement. Here is Luongo's Twitter reaction:

Other notable omissions include Claude Giroux, Alex Pietrangelo, Kris Letang, Brent Burns, and Brent Seabrook, Taylor Hall, Matt Duchene, Joe Thornton, Tyler Toffoli, Ryan O’Reilly, Brendan Gallagher, Mark Stone, Wayne Simmonds, and Logan Couture, but again, all these could be named to the final 23-man roster. 
However, Marc-Andre Fleury was another goaltender not named to Canada. They have incredible depth at that position and it was a challenge for GM Doug Armstrong to pick. 

Here is the staff picking the players:
Tom Renney, President
Scott Smith, Chief Operating Officer
Scott Salmond, Hockey Operations
Doug Armstrong, General Manager
Marc Bergevin, Assistant General Manager
Rob Blake, Assistant General Manager
Ken Holland, Assistant General Manager
Bob Murray, Assistant General Manager
Mike Babcock, Head Coach
Claude Julien, Assistant Coach
Bill Peters, Assistant Coach
Joel Quenneville, Assistant Coach
Barry Trotz, Assistant Coach

One more thing... Go Canada!!! (Sorry, everyone)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Baby Pictures of Hockey Players, Part 2

Yesterday, I began putting baby pictures of hockey players up, and I promised I would continue, so here goes.

Nicklas Backstrom

(More) Nicky Backstrom

More of Nicky!

Wayne Gretzky

Another of Wayne Gretzky

That kid behind PK -- Steven Stamkos

 More of Steve Stamkos

Monday, February 29, 2016

I Found Some Baby Pictures of Hockey Players (Just kidding... old photos)

For some reason, earlier today, I looked up Carey Price and I found some old photos of him. I thought it would be cool to find some older photos of other hockey players and share them. (Most of them are recognisable, but I will still put who it is)
Baby Willy Baby (Tom Wilson)

Baby Pricey (Carey Price)
Matt Niskanen

Karl Alzner (the traitor.. Look! He's wearing a Leafs sweater)

Brooks Laich


TJ Oshie

Jonathan Toews (Karate Kid)

(More) Jonathan Toews

Tyler Seguin

Alex Ovechkin

(More) Alex Ovechkin

Patrick Kane ( he looks so different!)

Sidney Crosby (literally Sid the Kid)

(More) Carey Price (Just can't get enough of him)

Moar Pricey!

Last one...

P.K. Subban

More PK

Erik Karlsson

Henrik and Daniel Sedin

More of the Twins

Connor McDavid

Okay, that's it for today! I hope you liked this post. If I can get 10 views on it I will do a "Baby Photos of Hockey Players, part 2" post so you can enjoy more kid photos. Have a good day!