Friday, February 26, 2016

Julianne Hough Needs Your Help Picking Out a Wedding Dress!

This post is a bit outdated and may have almost nothing to do with hockey, but Brooks Laich has asked Julianne Hough to marry him this coming August, after proposing to her in August of 2015. So, on her blog, Julianne has started asking fans to help her pick out her wedding dress: She has picked five different styles of dressed and is asking for your help. Here, I will analyse each one and pick my favourite, and then you guys - let me know in the comments. I don't think she has picked out the exact dressed; these are just a brief overview of each style.


Here are the five dress styles, as described on her website:

1. The Romantic Bride




In my opinion, this dress is lovely. It is very old-fashioned, and would look good on Julianne, considering she is average size. I love the lace accents on it, and the high neckline means she won't have to spend too much money on a necklace. This one is perfect; however, the earrings she picked along with it are not the greatest, to be honest, although I love the hair feather fascinator that she picked to go with it. 

2. The Boho Bride




This one does proud to Julianne's roots. She is Californian and this dress does represent that. However, I wouldn't wear this one as a wedding dress, because it isn't the traditional white and is a bit too old for her. This one would be appropriate for an older woman's wedding, such as someone over the age of 40. Another downside to this one is that it would only look good on someone with long, blonde hair and blue eyes, and her hair is fairly short right now (and I like it better that way). Also, the headband she picked along with it would suit a cruise ship dinner night more than a wedding.

3. The Classic Bride



This dress, along with Romantic, is another of my favourites. It is beautiful simple, and timeless. The skirt is flowy, and paired along with a white lace jacket, it would look lovely. It screams old-fashioned and pretty, and is a dress that has been worn over and over by people of many different generations.

4. The Non-Traditional Bride




This one is another of my favourites. The bodice on the top is very simple, and would look wonderful when paired with the right necklace, and the headband she has chosen to wear along with it would look very girly. This one speaks innocence and youth, and the detail in the skirt is beautiful and gorgeous. If it were my wedding, I would absolutely pick this one.

5. The Chic Bride




For the record, I do not like this one at all. It is much too grown-up, and the style is one that came out very, very recently. It is not classic and not traditional. I personally, would not even look at this one if I were in a wedding store. It is very minimalist and probably cheaper, but guessing she is Julianne Hough after all, I'm sure she can afford something better.

So, in conclusion, my favourite is the non-traditional, followed closely by classic and romantic. These three styles are classics and are timeless, and are incredibly pretty and would suit a young bride such as Julianne. Good luck to her and Mr. Laich in the coming years! I hope to be able to announce a coming wedding soon.

~Tia the Wedding Whiz 

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