Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Outtakes on the Capitals Second-Round Loss

"I think this group feels until we win a Stanley Cup, it won't be a successful season," said Capitals coach Barry Trotz after his team's 6-game loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

“The wound obviously is very fresh and we’ve seen this far too often, so pardon me if I sound crushed,” added Joe Beninati, the play-by-play man for CSN Washington. “I am. I am crushed because I believed there were a couple of instances in the third period where the Capitals defied death — they did — and once you get into overtime, it’s anybody’s game. It’s a roll of the dice, but the longer the overtime goes between these teams, especially on a night when you lose Karl Alzner, the longer it goes it favors the team that’s faster. And the team that was faster from the outset in this game was Pittsburgh. They were taking away the boards magically in the first period. The Capitals couldn’t get out of their own zone. It seemed like time after time after time, somebody in black and gold was in their way. But, the way Washington rallied is a sign that this is a different team. Please do not say the word ‘collapse’ to me. Do not say the word ‘choke’ to me. This is not one of those. This is a very good Pittsburgh team that’s moving on to a conference final.”

"It's a failure," Justin Williams said, upset, "The only thing I've processed is that it sucks."

Nicklas Backstrom was adamant. "It's getting old... [on the fans] I love them. They are the best fans. ...I promise we're going to do it."

Matt Niskanen teared up during his interview. "This is the most hurt I've been in my career. … This sucks. I can't believe we're talking about this right now."

But the question remained. Did the Capitals really deserve to lose? They dominated in Games 3 and 4, and they only lost the entire series by one goal. Not only that, but their overtime losses were those that could have been avoided.

And in Game 6, the resilience shown by these Capitals, coming back from 3-0 to 3-3 in the third period is a positive sign.

There were many factors as to why the Capitals lost, and some of those were beyond their control.

But, first of all, just a few points for Penguins fans who are all happy:

Look how the Penguins are right at the top. The referees clearly let a lot of Penguin penalties go. I will discuss these penalties here:

1. Kris Letang's one-game suspension. Brooks Orpik had the same exact same hit as Letang did, and he got three games. When Letang did it, after the protesting of Capitals fans and some more, the NHL agreed to give him a one-game suspension. ORPIK RECEIVED THREE GAMES FOR THE SAME EXACT HIT. They weren't even trying to hide their bias towards the Penguins. 

2. Evgeni Malkin's no-game suspension. Malkin headshotted Daniel Winnik. Seriously.
3. Kris letang's headshot on TJ Oshie.

4. The Capitals disallowed goal and Evgeny Kuznetsov's penalty. Why? I get the disallowed goal part, but why the penalty? It wasn't intentional.

5. Crosby holding Backstrom's stick. He got no penalty.


So, in conclusion, Penguins fans who are happy, admit your team was handed the series win by the Penguins loving refs.


John Carlson!!!!!

Carlson is the first defenseman in franchise history to record twelve points in the first twelve games of the postseason. Well done!!!!

This guy, along with TJ Oshie, were the best in the series. If anyone deserved to go in a Conference Final, it was those too. Shoutout to Jay Beagle and TJ Oshie. 

TJ Oshie!!!!!

He scored all the Caps game-winning goals in the Penguins series. Also, his hat trick in the first game was epic. YAY TJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay Beagle!!!!

THAT SAVE THOUGH. Also, he's a unicorn in disguise. (Reference to Game 1). 


IT IS QUITE CLEAR THAT MIKE MILBURY, DOC EMRICK, AND PIERRE MCGUIRE LOVE THE PENS. IT IS ALSO QUITE CLEAR THAT THEY ARE PENS FANS. Whenever the Penguins did a cheap shot they praised the player and justified it, but when Orpik did it he was a "predator." Also, when Orpik was on the Penguins, he was apparently the best player ever but now he is bad. In the eyes of PENBC at least. Well, honestly, I'd rather listen to the Penguins radio. At least they are more objective. Also, PENBC kept saying how the Penguins deserve to win and how the Capitals are really bad. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE OBJECTIVE, PEOPLE.

Also, Injuries!
There was a number of injuries unknown to people that the Capitals players played through.

1. Alex Ovechkin - lower back injury

2. Karl Alzner - groin injury. He felt it "pop" during game 6. Also, a broken thumb, strained oblique, and pulled hip flexor.

3. Brooks Orpik - cracked femur, concussion, and neck injury

4. John Carlson - broken foot and ankle

5. Marcus Johansson - undisclosed, but he will miss Worlds because of it

The Question of the Day: Why did they lose so badly???

1. Brooks Orpik's poor decisions.

2. Bad defense.

3. Matt Murray.

4. Over-Reliance on the powerplay. 


What do you think happened? Did the Caps deserve to win the series? I say take it to 7 games at least. But, for now, go Lightning!!

P.S. I feel like I didn't get all the missed calls by the refs. please add the ones you saw in the comment boxes. See chart above for proof the league loves the Pens the best. "Golden team"

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  1. Caps were supposed to win. BOO PENGUINs. i hope the lightining sweep. #tampabayforthecup2k16 #tampabayfortheECFsweep2k16