Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Team Canada is In the World Cup of Hockey Final!!!

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Canada has been dominating the World Cup of Hockey, right from the start until the end.

First, they went undefeated in the preliminary games, beating the Czech Republic, USA, and Europe. The USA game was the most anticipated of the tournament, and Canada ended up beating a team specifically designed to beat them 4-2 and knocking them out of the tourney.

Next, they faced Russia in the semifinal, beating them 5-3. Many players were outstanding during the game, and Brad Marchand had two goals.

The final series started yesterday, and Marchand continued his excellence, scoring once and being dominant on the powerplay. The final is a three-game series between Team Europe and Team Canada, and Canada took the first game 3-1. The next game is on Thursday, and if Canada wins, then they are crowned champions. If Canada loses, there will be a game next Saturday, and the winner will win the championship. 

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